Who are we?

AIR Global Energy is a consortium in a worldwide community of hundreds of engineers, scientists, businesses, technologists and associated organizations committed to advancing open clean green technology and its impact on a global scale. We seek to engender a culture of openness in business to allow everyone, everywhere to access the energy, technology and education they desire, while providing a shared body of knowledge and best practices that can be drawn upon for innovative and effective approaches.

AIR Global is proud to partner with Baritancol S.A.S. to provide mineral mining in an earth friendly, environmentally responsible manner.

AIR/BARITANCOL Precious Metals

AIR/BARITANCOL Precious Metals is a Columbian-based international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, mining and processing of precious metal properties.

We are leaders in promoting sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. In promoting innovation and sustainable development, we comply with and often exceed relevant guidelines and environmental performance prescriptions in the countries where we operate. That commitment guides our operations and is paramount in every decision that we make as an organization.

AIR/BARITANCOL Precious Metals Inc. will carry out its business and create sustainable value following the highest standards of business ethics and social behavior. To this end the company has implemented a number of policies and procedures which outline how it expects these standards to be achieved.