Creative Solutions

One of the essential foundations for creating a successful company over the long term is to identify technological trends from an early stage and to exploit the opportunities that new technologies offer for product innovations. However, factors such as the hugely dynamic nature of technological progress make it increasingly difficult for companies to comprehensively identify technology-related opportunities and to harness them in a goal-oriented manner. A key prerequisite for successful technology development therefore lies in the ability of an organization to rapidly and efficiently align the requirements of the market with the potential offered by new technologies and to integrate the results in its own products and processes.


The methods and organizational solutions developed in AIR's Technology and Innovation Management business unit to improve and synchronize research, innovation and technology development processes have been shown to trigger success in the market: companies whose technology development capabilities have been properly organized achieve higher growth, increased profitability and an enhanced competitive edge. The unit focuses on the following key topics:

  • Developing and implementing innovation and technology strategies
  • Increasing organizations' capacity for innovation
  • Organizing innovation and research and development (R&D) effectively and efficiently using lean processes
  • Identifying, evaluating and exploiting new technologies
  • Setting up and supporting technology and innovation networks
  • Intellectual property: IP for innovation
  • IT support for R&D, technology and innovation management

We respond rapidly and professionally to our customers' needs by carrying out projects to enhance technology and innovation management. To do this, we draw on expertise from a wealth of research activities dealing with the development of scientifically-based innovative concepts. We are very fortunate to have access to an extensive range of research within our established network, which allows us to exploit many specific skills and synergies.