AIR gasification is a time tested, renewable resource updated for the 21st century



AIR's photovoltaic work is centered in the development and implementation of cost-effective, reliable photovoltaic energy systems. 


Flare Gas Recovery

FGR has been driven by federal and state legislation to mandate a cleaner approach in the continuing push for a clean energy economy


Milliken Concrete Cloth™ (CC) is a flexible, cement impregnated 3-dimensional fiber matrix that hardens when hydrated (even under water) to form a thin, durable, and water proof concrete layer.

 Wave Power

Waves never cease. So the energy they provide is constant and, in most environments, requires no batteries. 24/7 clean power is now a viable option.


Carbon Composites

Composite Lattice Manufacturing is reforming multiple industries by providing an automated manufacturing process for composite grid structures that are made with a fraction of the materials but with greater strength than steel.


Waste to Energy

Renewable energy from waste such as tires, forest debris, agricultural waste and scrap lumber


Precious minerals mining projects


Fuel Cells

AIR is an integrated fuel cell company that designs, installs, operates and services stationary fuel cell power plants.



Hybrid Fusion

The “Flow-Light” system uses a fission reaction that channels the energy through a noble gas that produces UV light. The UV light is then captured by an array of photovoltaic producing electricity.


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