A.I.R. Cold Plasma Ozone

The most efficient ozone generator on the planet.


  • 4X+ Higher Production Efficiencies
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Plasma Forms Uniformly throughout Cell
  • Compact
  • Scalable and Modular
  • Works from Ambient Air or Oxygen
  • Patented
  • Technology Built and Demonstrated


Lower Power Consumption = Energy Savings

Reduced Cooling = More Savings

Lower Temp Ozone Output = More Efficient H2O Mixing

No NOX Generated = No Oxygen Concentrators

Ozone Produced Onsite = Diminished Chemical Presence

Robust Ceramic Cell = Virtually Unlimited Lifespan


Applications for;


         Wastewater     Water treatment     Food/produce/poultry     Hospitals/schools      Bottled water     Laundries     Pharmaceutical processing

         Aquaculture     Greenhouses      Air treatment & odor control     Heating and cooling units      Oil treatment     Semiconductor

         Swimming pools     Pulp and paper bleaching as well as anyone requiring clean air and water