A.I.R./Seabased Wave Energy

24/7 energy from the power of waves


  • Waves never cease. So the energy they provide is constant and, in most environments, requires no batteries. Utilities can use that reliability to make calculations that will ensure a steady supply of energy to customers.


Works 24/7, 365

Rarely requires batteries to store the energy

Requires virtually no land use

Has no pollutants or blades that harm the environment or wildlife

Can create artificial reefs to protect wildlife

Produces a lot of power per square meter

Is almost invisible from the shore

Has proven adaptable to different environments

Can withstand storms

Is cost competitive in many markets today


Why us?


Seabased wave power parks consume no landmass other than to connect to the grid. They make no loud noises, use no pollutants or blades that hurt sea life, produce no emissions, require no cleaning, and are virtually invisible from the shore. They are built to withstand strong waves and storms and provide shelter for sea life, becoming artificial reefs. Wave power can change the game.


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