A.I.R.  Project Development

AIR understands its clients' needs and provides real solutions that optimize total investment while mitigating project risk.


Evaluation involves the development of an effective Project Plan and a thorough assessment of project goals, challenges, and needs.

  • Clearly define client's overall investment goals
  • Pre-development, planning, investigations and analysis
  • Develop conceptual budget, master development schedule and scope definition
  • Optimization of investment vs. operations needs
  • Delivery of an overall Project Plan that meets the investment goals
  • Project protocol and communications platform


Design management-details the specific design of a project.

  • Confirm all project assumptions
  • Identify project skill requirements
  • Buy-out appropriate project team
  • Design efficiency, management and optimization
  • Owner, brand and operator design endorsement
  • Regulatory buy-in, approval and permit delivery


Implementation-fulfills a project's design plan.

  • Project intensive for entire team on project goals and expectations
  • Implement construction management plan
  • Source, qualify and solicit construction buy-out
  • Quality control
  • Manage the change order request process
  • Manage submittal/shop drawing process
  • Real time and transparent project progress reporting
  • Timely and efficient start-up, commissioning certification and turnover process