AIR Global Energy is an international company, headquartered in the United States. Our products and services will help you lay the framework for a process driven organization. 

A.I.R. Strategic Services can help you establish or validate your organization goals and strategies, and then ensure all of your work is aligned so that you are all pulling in the same direction. 


o    LEAD Strategy Development

o    Business Process Mapping

o    Organization Assessments

Once the goals and strategies are defined, you need effective portfolio processes to make sure that your projects and all other work are aligned.

o    Portfolio Management

o    PMO (Project Management Office) Setup

o    Virtual PMO

You don't have time to monitor all the details, but you need to know what is going on. Review how A.I.R. can help your entire organization.

o    A.I.R. Consulting Services. Build the environment for success.

o    A.I.R. Academy. Training for executives, managers and staff.

o    A.I.R. Contract Services. Contract Project Managers and Business Analysts.

A strong organization stands on the foundation of strong processes. We have the methodology products that you can use as your starting point. Contact us for information to license these methodologies for your organization.

o    The A.I.R. Project Management Process for managing all projects in your organization

o    A full methodology for managing programs - ProgramStep

o    LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process for IT development projects